Implementation of Review Request Infobox to the Dashboard

Review Request #8661 — Created Jan. 22, 2017 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded


Review Board


This change introduces a new infobox to the dashboard upon hover, over a review request. The idea is similar to the infobox for users and bugs - the infobox will display some summary information regarding the review request, including the submitter, the summary and description, issue counts, and a few of the most recent reviews/activity on the request. This will allow users to get a quick overview of the review request without having to actually move to the page - in particular, what should be useful is the ability to see what recent activity has been done to a review request.

Code has been tested by running the development server and adjusting the tester review request for different scenarios.
Jasmine tests have been run - but at this point in time, the Jasmine tests find that the class label for the infobox is being generated on the Diff links, where it should not be.
Python tests have not been run.