Add Mercurial hook to post to ReviewBoard on push

Review Request #8554 — Created Nov. 26, 2016 and discarded — Latest diff uploaded




Add Mercurial hook to post to ReviewBoard on push

The hook only allows to push if all commits have been approved in a
review requests, otherwise it rejects it and creates a review request
for the (new) commits. This is similar to "rbt post", but

1. Does not require the user to install RBTools locally.
2. Makes sure any changes pushed to the central server have been
reviewed and approved.
3. Adds references to tickets/bugs/issues, which rbt post doesn't do.
4. Automatically finds the right review request to update if there
are any new commits, based the commit ID and a date/author hash.
This does not require the user to confirm anything, which rbt post
(often) requires. This also allows the hook to recognize
rebased/amended changesets, because the date/author hash
is unchanged.

  • Created new review requests
  • Updated existing review requests
  • Tried to push not approved changesets
  • Pushed approved changesets
  • Checked matching of changesets with another date / author hash