Make draft colors consistent.

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We had a bunch of different definitions of the "draft" color, several of
which were actually closer to the "ship-it" color than the draft banner
color. This change makes it all consistent throughout, creating a single
@draft-color definition which is based on the new color scheme. This
is then used everywhere that we want to indicate that there's something
in a draft state.

Some of this looked weird at first, because brains hate change. As I've
spent a little more time with it I've quickly gotten used to it and I
like it better.

Looked throughout the UI at all the different draft-related items.

Make draft colors consistent.

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Funny how after playing with this a bit, the old color for the comment dialog feels too green. This is ...

  1. Definitely feels brighter than the majority of the UI. I wonder if we could try toning it down a shade? I know that then starts to bump up against the Ship It color, but the draft colors are going to show up more so I'd rather optimize for that.

    1. Doh! Please ignore these.

  2. Funny how after playing with this a bit, the old color for the comment dialog feels too green. This is good :)

    So when I looked at the darker version of the screenshot before, it looked okay on the iPhone where I was looking at that time, but feels more muddy on my monitor. Been toying with colors, and how does #d1f5a9 seem to you? Going for a soft light green that contrasts better with the blue link color.

    1. I made a couple test comments and then forgot I wasn't in a general comment, soooo.... oops. Ignore screenshots.

      Anyway, here's how it looked locally. (Btw, we need to force a max width on these images in comments.)


    2. Hmm. That looks nice on the draft banner but I think it's a bit too bright on the comment dialog.

    3. Hmm, really? It's less bright than what we're shipping today.

    4. Maybe I'm just used to the darker one now :)

  1. Ship It!
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