Start fixing up the Review Board color scheme definitions.

Review Request #10442 — Created March 11, 2019 and updated

Review Board

This review request covers several commits, starting to clean up and
fix the Review Board color scheme. We have a lot of hard-coded colors
throughout the stylesheets, many of which are unintentional variations
on the same set of basic colors.

To start, this adds new definitions for the different shades of grey,
blue, brown, green, red, and yellow. We also had a number of defined
colors which weren't used very much (or at all), which have now been
properly commented as deprecated.

The actual changes to the styles cover:

  • The background color assigned to input elements in the upload-diff
    mixin evaluated to white, so I've just removed the rule.
  • The border color for the drag-hover in the upload-diff mixin was so
    close to the normal border color as to be indistinguishable.
  • The issue summary table had a yellowish border on mobile only, which
    looked kind of weird (the tabs still used a grey border). I've removed
    the special rule and now everything uses the same grey border.
  • Uses of @grey and @light-blue have been changed to use the new
    color definitions.
  • Started converting the main page colors over to the new color
    definitions, primarily in the .page-colors mixin, which controls the
    color scheme of the header bar.
  • Changed the definition of the link color to blue-20, which is a dark
    teal-like color (though there are a lot of links throughout the UI
    which do not properly use the link-color definition yet).

While I was in here, I noticed that the scrollable portion of the "New
Review Request" page would overflow the rounded corners on Chrome.
There's a weird hack that adding a null transform fixes this, which I've
added in.

Verified the different page styles (base, reviewable, admin) and
checked that the affected styles looked correct.

Add new color scheme definitions.
Move button definitions into buttons.less.
Start converting main page colors over to new definitions.
Move old color definitions into a deprecated section.
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Right now, defs.less includes colors.less. Do we want to make that official, or do we want to effectively work toward ...


Can we define these in a namespace?

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    Right now, defs.less includes colors.less. Do we want to make that official, or do we want to effectively work toward deprecating defs.less (at least in this way) and instead encourage consumers to include colors.less themselves?

    1. Hmm. So I haven't yet entirely decided how we should handle making use of the basic color definitions. You started making a "color schemes" thing, but I'm not really sure how that might generalize further. For now I was intending to have the basic hex codes all defined in colors.less, and then do things like define @draft-color in defs.less. I could see having all of that in colors.less, though. Thoughts?

  3. Can we define these in a namespace?

    1. I don't want to get too far into the weeds with that right now.