Display commit lists for review requests created with history

Review Request #10094 — Created July 18, 2018 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded

Review Board
10099, 10082

The CommitListField renders the summaries (and authors if they differ
from the review request submitter) of the commits that make up a
multi-commit review request. This field has been added to a new
ExtraFieldSet, which exists below the MainFieldSet. This is due to
the RB.ReviewRequestEditorView expecting the last field in the main
field set to be an editable text field and working around this
limitation was more complex and convoluted than adding a new fieldset.

The JS RB.ReviewRequestFields.CommitListFieldView is responsible for
toggling between the full commit message (if it is longer than a single
line) and the summary.

  • Ran unit tests.
  • Ran JS tests.
  • Uploaded review requests with multiple commits and saw the correct
    commits displayed in the field and in change descriptions.
  • Uploaded a plain review request and did not see the new field on
    the review request page or change description box.
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