Update to the latest jQuery/jQuery UI.

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This change updates Djblets to use the latest versions of jQuery and
jQuery UI. The changes here are pretty straightforward:

  • bind and unbind have been removed in favor of their indentical and
    better-named on and off.
  • A change to event propagation made it so the DOMSubtreeModified
    handler inside ModalBox was causing an infinite recursion. The
    recommended way to do this sort of thing these days is with a
    MutationObserver, so I've ported the code over to use that.
  • The way that widget data is named changed, so the data key for
    the modal box changed from modalBox to uiModalBox.

This also includes a fix for the backbone JS template to update to the
latest version of that, which doesn't have any impact on code that
uses it.

  • Ran Review Board's js-tests suite.
  • Tested inline editors and the modal box.
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  2. No trailing comma (this isn't an ES6 file).

  3. Wanna change to single quote strings in these files while here?

  4. djblets/util/templates/js/backbone.html (Diff revision 1)

    This should probably be in the other change.

    1. Oh that's Review Board only.

      Were there any Backbone changes needed in Djblets for the options stuff? If not, maybe update the summary/description to just mention Backbone too.

    2. No other changes necessary. Djblets has very few backbone things.

  1. Ship It!
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