'rbt close' to figure out the request-id similarly to how 'rbt post -u' figures it out

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Making rbt close was capable of doing the same thing as rbt post -u do. Inferring the request-id number, asking to confirm it and submitting an confirmed request. Therefore, before using rbt close, users do not need to use rbt status and find the request-id number.

  1. Test rbt close
    1). Type rbt close and compare outputs with rbt post -u. Check if all the outputs are same.
    2). Choose a request-id and make the request submitted.
    3). Check the develop sever and see the choosen request has been submitted.
    4). Redo from step 1) and check if the submitted request still shown or not.
  2. Run all the unit tests, and see if the new version of rbt close break those original unit tests. And pass the unit tests.