Update for the new support page infrastructure.

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Review Board


This updates Review Board to work with the new support infrastructure
being deployed on our servers.

rb-site now asks for a Company name, which can also be provided later on
the General Settings page. This name will show up on the support page
when users visit it. We may also want to use this down the road to help
brand Review Board itself.

rb-site will also ask for permission to collect support data, and
explain what we collect and how it's used. This can be changed later
through a checkbox on the Support Settings page. If allowed, rb-site
will up and maintain the support page on install and upgrade.

Set the company name on an existing server and saw that it saved.

Toggled the new checkbox for support data and saw that data was only set
when it was checked.

Created a new site and entered a company name. Saw it was saved and showed up
in the support page.

Tested various input for the permission check in install, and tested that they
had the expected outcome. Also tested this with the new --opt-out-support-data