Improve the look of the extensions list.

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Improve the look of the extensions list.

The extensions list never really got any love, and looked pretty bad. It
didn't handle long descriptions very well, and the action links were
just kind of big and too floaty. The author was also just kind of placed
there, without much thought.

The new look places the author in the top-right of the extension's box,
out of the way but easily seen.

The description and actions are aligned on their own rows, indented
slightly from the extension name. The actions aren't bold anymore, so
they don't steal attention away from the extension names.

The descriptions don't overlap with actions anymore, due to the new
placement. They also have a decent margin from the right, so that they
don't appear to run up against the author very easily. This adds some
breathing room.

The version number isn't so close to the extension name, and is slightly

The bottom of the box is now curved, and the box has a slight shadow,
matching the rest of the admin UI.
Saw the page and played around with it a bit.

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