Fix rbt post and diff for certain SCM clients.

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Fix rbt post and diff for certain SCM clients.

post-review provided the command line arguments to SCM clients as a
list. Each rbt command is provided the arguments as a tuple, which was
being passed on to the SCM clients. Since some of these clients
attempt to concatenate the tuple onto the end of a list, errors were

We now make the command line arguments into a list immediately in post
and diff. This should fix bugs when using rbt with both svn and bazzar
(possibly other clients as well).
Ran rbt commands and posted reviews.
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  1. I wish we could transform these before calling main, but I know that's not how *args works. Ideally this wouldn't need to be done for every tool out there. How many cases do we know of where this breaks? Can we do a list() in those places?
    1. I spent about 25 seconds searching and found 3 places, so I figured I'd just go with this quick fix for now, and deal with everything as I work on the SCM client code.
    2. Okay, that's fine. My only concern is third-party clients having the same breakage, but so long as we have a plan for fixing the root cause, I'm good. Ship it!
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