disable rename tracking

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disable rename tracking

Explicitly turn off git's rename tracking, which may be enabled in the user's git config. This is needed to prevent creation of diffs containing renames (which aren't supported by RB < 1.7) or copies (which aren't supported at all, presently).

  1. I'm fine with turning off copies, but moves is a feature now and turning that off globally isn't something we can do.
    What we need is to get /r/2918/ in shape and get that in.
    If there's more work needed to support copies along with that, we should add that support as well.
    1. It's necessary (see bug), or else post-review will fail even against RB >= 1.7.x if diff.rename == copies and git decides a copy has occurred (at least until RB supports copies also).
      More specifically, the correct way to invoke 'git diff' for RB >= 1.7.x is '--no-renames -M', which will bypass any user config asking for copies, but still track renames; -M and -C override --no-renames. As such, I will claim that this is orthogonal to /r/2918/, and would suggest to commit this now to fix the bug.
      If/when RB gains copy support also, we can then also add a 'supports copies' capability and use that to add '-C' (or even '-C -C') when generating the diff. At that time we *could* (conditionally) remove --no-renames, but leaving it even if we want copies is harmless if we are explicitly requesting copy tracking.
    2. Okay, sounds good. I'm committing /r/2918/ and since I need to resolve a conflict in the line introducing -M, I'll just be adding --no-renames along with that.
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