post-review: Handle modifications inside moved/copied directory

Review Request #3103 — Created May 11, 2012 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded

This change fixes an issue with post-review when a file inside a copied path is modified (or copied/moved). In that case, 'svn info' on the leaf path does not show 'Copied From URL' line - it is necessary to go up to the parent path(s) to figure out the copy-from information. Once a path with copy-from information is found, it is not necessary to go up further.
In a repository, move a directory then make changes inside that directory:

$ svn mv dir1 dir2
$ svn mv dir2/file1 dir2/x1
$ svn mv fir2/file2 dir2/x2
$ vi dir2/x2
$ vi dir2/file3
$ post-review