Fix for github private repos owned by an organization

Review Request #2271 — Created April 11, 2011 and discarded


Review Board


At the moment you can't use reviewboard with a private github project that is owned by an organization rather than a person.  This is because the github calls try to log in using the owner name rather than the provided username.  The owner is the organization, and organization accounts don't work this way.
Modified our install and was able to get it working with a github org.
  1. I think what I'd want is a new Hosting Service entry for private organizations that provides the same data as "GitHub (Private)" but with this change.
    1. I guess, but I don't understand why you'd want to log in as 'hosting_owner' or what the username/password fields do on the current form. Github (private) offers a username and password field, but they aren't used for logging in.
    2. hosting_owner makes sense for anything not an organization. It's easier to get started with it.
      I think we probably should hide username/password for GitHub unless a GitHub Private Organization entry is selected (and then only username), in which case that'd be used instead.
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