Process the install directory into sample config files

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We ship sample config files for lighttpd+fastcgi, apache+fastcgi and apache+mod_python.  One of the things that always bothered me about these is that they had the paths used by the various contributors of these configs.  Surprisingly, not everyone wants to install reviewboard into /root/reviewboard or /usr/share/reviewboard.

Since we've now got this great build system to install things with, we can make it so these configs have the right paths for everything, and just require people to fill in their host name and port.

There's more to do for this before everything is super sweet.
1. Verify that everything that needs to be installed is, actually, installed.
2. Make sure everything that we want to distribute is, actually, distributed.
3. Write init scripts for various linuxes (although maybe just sysvinit is OK, since I bet gentoo will write their own).
4. Build a virtual appliance.  Use this experience to make sure that there are a minimum of steps for a user.
5. Update the GettingStarted wiki page.
6. Write other docs, such as README, AUTHORS, etc.
7. 1.0
- Ran make install and checked resulting config files.
- Make distcheck