Reviewboard Windows Installer

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Win32 Installer


Windows Installer for Reviewboard, made with NSIS:

Updates and improves the Windows Installer for ReviewBoard. Currently this installer will install:
* Python 2.6 (if it's not already installed)
* GNU Patch (if it's not already on the PATH)
* Python Setup Tools
* PyCrypto
* Reviewboard + dependencies (via easy_install)

It also optionally installs Memcached, and various Python bindings for databases and/or source control systems. These features are still under development.

Currently the installer basically calls several distutils installers and several easy_install commandline windows. It's a bit of a mess, but it works. It's also not using Macros appropriately-- I will be making the code neater as I'm clearer on what else needs to be added. It is documented reasonably well as far as I see.
I've installed it on a very clean Windows XP 32 bit VM. I've also tried it on my (not at all clean) 32 bit XP to check that it detects Python and Patch. I've been able to set up a working Review Board installation using Bitnami's WAMP stack, a download of mod_python, this installer, rb-site and a few modifications to the Apache config files.