SVN hook can include empty arguments which seems to confuse svn diff

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./rb-post-commit-hook /srv/svn/fred 11
/usr/bin/post-review --repository-url=file:///srv/svn/fred --
username=admin --password=admin -p --submit-as=mike --revision-
range=10:11   --server=http://localhost/reviews/fred --summary="refs
#1 - publish review" --description="(In [11]) refs #1 - publish
Failed to execute command: ['/usr/bin/post-review', '--repository-
url=file:///srv/svn/fred', '--username=admin', '--password=admin', '-
p', '--submit-as=mike', '--revision-range=10:11', '', '', '--
server=http://localhost/reviews/fred' '--summary="refs #1 - publish
review"', '--description="(In [11]) refs #1 - publish review"', '']
Failed to execute command: ['svn', 'diff', '--diff-cmd=diff', 'file:///
srv/svn/fred/@10', 'file:///srv/svn/fred/@11', '', '', '']
['svn: Target lists to diff may not contain both working copy paths
and URLs\n']

The SVN hook can sometimes include empty arguments. Empty arguments should
be filtered from the argument list.
Tested locally to ensure there are no empty arguments.
  1. Looks good. It looks like the http- stuff wasn't part of the bugfix, so I didn't include those. If you want them in, please post a separate change with the rationale for them. Thanks!