Group counts are inconsistent in dashboard - they count all reviews, instead of only pending reviews

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If you look at the picture, you can see that RBTOOLS as 18 reviews, but only 3 are active.  This is based on
Also, the Incoming Reviews counts do not add up.

The issue is with the q.filter statement.  A set of parenthesis need to be added.  Also, I'm not too sure about the test for review_requests__submitter__is_active.  If somebody leaves, I'd still like to see their reviews, and be able to close them or hand them over somebody else.  But I understand it can be a local policy.

An unrelated remark.  I'm not a git expert, but I noticed a change since moving to the latest version of post-review.  I did a git pull origin master, and then created a new branch for my fix in  But you can see that the changes I pulled show in the diffs created by post-review (revision 1).  I manually cleaned up the diffs for revision 2.   Am I missing a step?

Thank you
Tried the fix on a staging server.  The counts were inconsistent before the fix, and matched after the fix was deployed.