Rename the new review and comment resources introduced in Review Board 5.

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Review Board


Review Board 5 introduced new resources for accessing all reviews or
comments across all review requests. This, unfortunately, led to a
conflict with URI templates, which impacted RBTools. The reviews
link and URI template both pointed to different places, and same with
all the comment resources.

After much thinking and evaluating the situation, the best course of
action seems to be to rename the new resources. While this may break
some users who are using the new API, it's probably the right solution,
since the URI templates have been around longer.

We have recently made changes to introduce new URI template names and
deprecate old ones, but this unfortunately doesn't solve the issue.
Particularly because we standardized on reviews_* URI templates, and
thus need to keep reviews around to match.

This is the first intentional API breakage in a long time, but will
ensure customers upgrading to Review Board 5 don't hit unexpected
regressions going forward.

All unit tests pass.

Verified the new set of link names for these resources.