Add the new unified banner.

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Review Board


This change adds the unified banner, a major new UI feature in Review
Board 6.

This new banner replaces several existing banners:

  • The review request draft banner
  • The pending review banner
  • Review reply banners (at least the ones that float)

The goal here is twofold. First, we want to make it very clear whenever
there's any unpublished work (often review reply drafts can get lost in
long pages). Second, we want to enable people to publish everything all
in one go (the typical use case being publishing a bunch of review
replies and a review request update all together).

This also gives us room for future work:

  • We have space at the right hand side of the banner for a future
    block showing info about the current review, popping up into a
    redesigned review dialog.
  • We have a "dock" area (currently empty, but present in the DOM and
    properly styled), which we intend to use for a quick file switcher in
    the diffviewer, and possibly other things.

This is mostly complete. The current things left on my to-do list are:

  • Further testing of the banner in mobile mode. Right now interaction
    with the menus has some problems but it's possible that's just
    Firefox's devtools.
  • Possibly moving the "Add General Comment" action into the review menu.
  • Add more js-tests.
  • Ran js-tests.
  • Ran python unit tests.
  • Tested all different combinations of review requset changes, reviews,
    and review replies. Saw that the draft mode selector showed the
    correct options.
  • Tested publishing with individual items and as a batch.
  • Tested discard with various individual items.
  • Tested the change description field.
  • Tested the new actions (create review, edit review, ship it) that live
    in the "Review" menu.