Sonar dependency update, round 2.

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This is the second phase of updating sonar's dependencies. Many of these
ones are focused more on the frontend side of things, including updating
to newer versions of react.

This also switches us over to using the "module" type in package.json.
This tells node that we're operating using ES6 modules rather than
CommonJS imports. This eliminates the need to use babel-node, which
simplifies things considerably and should improve performance a lot. The
one casualty of this is the newrelic integration, which would need
external configuration (since apparently the newrelic.js file can't be
loaded in ESM mode). I don't really care about newrelic monitoring here,
so this is fine for now.

I've also deleted the old load-old-data.js script. This was used when
we moved the data storage over from MongoDB to SQL, but isn't necessary

Logged in and checked various features. In particular, tested parts of
the UI affected by the selectize update (things like group membership
selectors), and React-MDE (the status report markdown editor).