Run pre-upgrade tasks earlier and also run them for installation.

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We had two major problems with our new pre-upgrade flows:

  1. We were running the pre-upgrade steps after the initial Evolver
    checks, which determine if an upgrade is required. This broke
    upgrades for oauth2_provider, since we couldn't reset the migration
    state early enough.

  2. We weren't running these steps on new installations when using createdb, so we never inserted the fake oauth2_provider
    migrations on any new development databases. This caused persisted
    system check failures on new installs. We did, however, run these on
    rb-site install.

This change addresses both issues. We now unconditionally run the
install steps in all cases, and we

At this point, these are no longer simply "upgrade" steps. They're
state setup/migration steps. So we may want to revisit some of the
naming and where this all lives. For now, though, this gets us through
the biggest of upgrade woes.

Successfully upgraded with this change.

Tested creating new databases via createdb, and tested

New databases no longer had warnings about missing migrations.

Existing databases from pre-5.0 could be upgraded.

Existing databases from 5.0 correctly stated that an upgrade was
not required.