Add a "Last Updated By" column to the dashboard.

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Review Board

These changes add a new column to the review request dashboard called "Last Updated By" which displays the user that made the last update to each review request. Similar to the existing "Last Updated" column, which shows the time that the last update was made, this column is updated whenever a review request is created, edited, receives a review, is closed, or reopened.


"Last Updated By" column

  • Added a "Last Updated By" column
  • Added information about the new column to manual
  • Added tests for the new column

ReviewRequest last activity info functions

  • ReviewRequest.get_last_activity_info() also returns the user that last updated the review request
  • Review requests cache their last activity info (last updated object, changedesc, and user) in ReviewRequest.extra_data
  • Added ReviewRequest.set_last_activity_info(timestamp, updated_object, changedesc, user)
  • Modified existing uses of ReviewRequest.get_last_activity_info() to take advantage of the user field
  • Added and modified existing tests of ReviewRequest.get_last_activity_info()


  • Made the WebAPI ReviewRequestLastUpdateResource return the correct user now that ReviewRequest.get_last_activity_info() includes it
  • Added tests for the column itself as well as the new last activity-related functions.
  • Ran all backend tests and observed that all passed.
  • Performed manual testing of the functionality of the column by creating, editing, reviewing, closing, and reopening review requests and observing how the column changes.