Modify djblets.forms.widgets.ListEditWidget to handle any type of widget and form field

Review Request #11858 — Created Oct. 20, 2021 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded




Previously, ListEditWidget expects values to be strings with a valid
separator, thus it can only be used to edit a list of strings.
The corresponding Django template and Backbone view are hardcoded to
display string values with text inputs.

This change modifies ListEditWidget so that it can modify a list of
any type of values, not just strings. This change includes the creation
of a ListEditField which has the ListEditWidget as its default widget.
This field splits a string into a list of strings, reproducing the
behaviour of the old ListEditWidget. We also introduce a
ListEditDictionaryField, which takes a dictionary and splits it into a
list of (key, value) tuples.

  • Wrote tests for ListEditField and ListEditDictionaryField. Ran all
    tests in djblets.forms.tests with success.
  • Updated tests for ListEditWidget and ListEditView. Ran all Javascript Unit
    tests with success.
  • Performed manual tests.