Change tab index on review request page (student project)

Review Request #10848 — Created Jan. 22, 2020 and updated — Latest diff uploaded

Review Board

The review request page has a weird keyboard behavior. When you
want to tab-navigate, the ordering is strange. Hitting tab
repeatedly will get you to the right-hand column
(review-request-details), and then to the left-hand
(request-request-main) column, which seems backwards, and
it takes a while to even get there.

I switched the HTML code blocks of these two elements so that
hitting tab will get you to left column -> right column. Also
I modified a few CSS lines to avoid element arrangement
problems (the two columns are not at the same height if I
didn't change the CSS).

A demo video is at here.

Click on the top fields, hitting tabs until it gets to the left column and then right column.