Work around incorrect email collapsing in web mail

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When receiving an email with replies to a review, web mail in
conversation view hides most of the message. Everything after the first
table (containing "This is an automatically generated e-mail. To reply, visit:
http://<url>") is hidden. To show the full email, one has to click on the "..."
link that outlook inserts after the first table. Something which quickly gets

Changing "wrote" to "commented" seems to avoid this problem. Presumably "wrote"
triggers outlook to consider the text to be from a previous email and hides it.

Keeping the last "wrote", just before the review request part to allow
collapsing of that.

Tested repying to a review, both to the top comment and to an issue, and verified that the mail received in the web mail on isn't collpased when this patch is applied. Without the patch the email gets collapased.