Make it clear that Review Board requires JavaScript.

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Review Board


Make it clear that Review Board requires JavaScript.

If someone tries to use Review Board with a browser that doesn't support
JavaScript, or has JS turned off, random bits of important functionality will
just not work. This is a pretty crappy failure mode.

This change adds an "important" box at the top of the page inside a <noscript>
tag, explaining that JS needs to be turned on.
Turned off javascript and looked at my page.

It turns out I forgot to turn it on again and was really puzzled when r.r-b.o
wasn't working, so I think this is a good thing :)


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    Can you alphabetize these?
  3. reviewboard/templates/base.html (Diff revision 1)
    Do we get ad money for this? :)
    It would be nice to only show this for actual Firefox users, but that'd just complicate things probably. Likewise, detecting if they have NoScript installed and telling them how to whitelist us could be a good addition in the future.
    1. I don't think we have a good way of detecting either.