Add a consent requirement for policies (privacy and terms of service).

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This change adds a common consent requirement for policy enforcement. In
the case where an admin has specified their privacy policy and/or terms
of service, they likely are running a public service where they'll need
their users to accept them. This consent requirement isn't actually used
inside of Djblets, but can be added to a registry in a Djblets-using
application and checked therein.

Used in conjunction with a change in Review Board.

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  2. Typo in the first line of the description: "IN"

  3. djblets/privacy/consent/ (Diff revision 1)

    I kind of don't like saying "your server administrator" for the case of RBCommons. Can we have this take an optional contact text as well? Default that to "contact your administrator?" Then for RBCommons, we can have it say "contact support."

  4. djblets/privacy/consent/ (Diff revision 1)

    As Barret noticed during the Splat work, we need to mark safe in a lazy way. Right now, we're lazy-localizing and then marking safe, making it choose a locale, but since this is global it's going to be the wrong one for most languages. This will need to use the function he's adding to Djblets instead.

    1. Also, plugging in values will immediately translate the string. We might need to just make these properties.

    2. Yeah, that's where I was headed.

  1. Ship It!
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