Upgrade to FontAwesome 4.7.

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This brings us up to the latest FontAwesome 4.x release, allowing us to
make use of a number of icons we previously didn't have available. We're
on 4.7 instead of 5 because 5 is not backwards-compatible, and would
require more extensive work that's not appropriate for a point release.

Instead of simply bundling the minified CSS file and fonts, we're now
shipping a version-namespaced set of LessCSS files and a wrapper
fontawesome.less that imports from the namespace. This will allow
other stylesheets to reference variables defined in the LessCSS files
(such as icon name) and mix things in. The namespacing helps us keep
that wrapper file's name consistent while helping us manage upgrades.

Looked throughout the product for places where we use FontAwesome icons.
I didn't see any breakages.

Tested the new consent UI (which uses newer icons) and saw that they were
properly loading (which wasn't the case before).

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