Clean up config loading and testing.

Review Request #9910 — Created May 4, 2018 and updated


The way that the config was loaded was pretty ugly--we had two closely
related structs, one of which was the serializable version, and one of
which was exactly the same except instead of the serialized repository
data, included Repository instances. This meant that adding any fields
involved adding it in multiple places and copying it back and forth.

This change merges those two, so that we load the data directly into the
struct and then instantiate Repository instances later.

I've also changed the testing to remove the ability to write out a
config. We had been testing loading the config by first generating a
Config struct and writing it to disk, then reading it back in and
comparing. This was the only place that serialized the config, and made
the test less isolated because it relied on both the serialization and
deserialization to work correctly. I've changed this so that we just
write out a JSON blob and then test that it can load correctly.

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  • Built and ran rb-gateway.
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