Parse out testing_done field from commit messages

Review Request #9890 — Created April 24, 2018 and discarded — Latest diff uploaded




Previously, one had to manually add comments in the testing done section
online for any testing they did for a given patch. However, now if one
was to post something with "Testing done:" in the commit message it will
split that out into the Testing Done section when posting.

Ran unit tests.

Created a test repository on a local server and posted the following review
requests testing cases with:
1. Summary, Description and Testing Done
2. Summary and Description

With a previous Summary, Description and Testing Done:
1. Update Summary
2. Update Description
3. Update Testing Done

With a previous Summary and Description (no Testing Done):
1. Add Testing Done

Testing different ways of 'Testing Done' inputs:
1. 'testing done'
2. 'testing done:'
3. 'Testing done'
4. 'Testing done:'
5. 'testing Done'
6. 'testing Done:'
7. 'tEstIng DOnE:'