[WiP] Added sonarqube tool implementation

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SonarQube is a system that can run many different automated checking tools on source code and report the results.

This project adds a ReviewBot tool for triggering scans in SonarQube when new changes are posted for review. ReviewBot was chosen as the integration point given the CLI interface through which SonarQube receives files.

Remaining tasks include having the tool not stall the worker while it waits for the analysis, and more importantly, have an alternate source of the project key - a per-project setting that is currently configured globally for the tool.

Testing so far has been all manual.

  2. Really nice.... any progress here?

    1. Unfortunately haven't had the bandwidth to push this further yet. The remaining tasks are commented in, just a matter of implementing those TODOs. Gonna get back in this in August I hope.

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