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Add details of installing development environment on

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  2. (Diff revision 1)

    Add another blank line here.

  3. (Diff revision 1)

    I'd change the "Installation" subheading to "Installing from git" and then get rid of this line.

  4. (Diff revision 1)

    navigated -> navigate
    dirctory -> directory

    This probably isn't necessary at all, though. People working with this repo should probably already have the necessary skills to be in a terminal in their git clone.

  5. (Diff revision 1)

    Sentences should start with capital letters. I think the link should also be inline here:

    Install [gulp]( by running:
  6. (Diff revision 1)

    If instead we suggest doing sude npm install -g gulp, then below you can just tell people to run gulp instead of ./node_modules/.bin/gulp

    1. I think it is better to let the user install gulp library locally than globally because unless they are going to use gulp again gulpJS is useless and it is not going to be deleted when the user remove the project.

    2. Fair enough.

  7. (Diff revision 1)

    Seconly -> Secondly
    installed -> install

    Line should also end in a colon.

  8. (Diff revision 1)

    Should start with a capital letter and end in a color. Also, typo: followinng

  9. (Diff revision 1)

    Space between "browser" and "(". Should also end in a period.

  10. (Diff revision 1)

    These should probably all be in one paragraph.

  11. (Diff revision 1)

    Where exactly in the UI is "customise and control Google Chrome"? I can't find it. There's also some trailing whitespace on this line and the next.

    1. It is on the top right corner where the icon looks like three vertical points. If you hover your mouse on it it will says "customise and control Google Chrome".

    2. I don't think people will know to look for a tooltip when they're looking for UI strings like this. Let's just say the path in the menus: "Window -> Extensions"

    3. Sure, fixed.

  12. (Diff revision 1)

    next -> Next
    ur -> your
    Period at the end of this sentence.

  13. (Diff revision 1)

    you -> You
    being installed on -> in
    Trailing whitespace at the end of this line.

  2. What about Firefox instructions?

  3. Summary should start with a capital letter.

  4. (Diff revision 2)

    Blank line after this.

  5. (Diff revision 2)

    No space before the :.

  6. (Diff revision 2)

    No space before the :.

  7. (Diff revision 2)

    No space before the :. Also theree's an extra space character at the end of the line.

    Maybe have this say "To build the extension, run:"

  8. (Diff revision 2)

    Don't need this--you're telling where the .build directory is later in there.

  9. (Diff revision 2)

    No space before the period.

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