Conditions for adding DefaultReviewers to reviewrequest

Review Request #9579 — Created Feb. 3, 2018 and updated — Latest diff uploaded

Review Board
reviewboard, students

Replaces file_match field with a user set conditions which applied
will be tested on all posted review requests for the corresponding


  • Removed file_match field from form

  • Added Conditions widget to form

  • Added description field to form and as a list column

  • Added diffed file options (corresponding to old regex functionality)

  • Added evolution for database

  • Refactored code for adding default reviewers to a ReviewRequest

  • Added lazy migration for default reviewers

    • Migrated when tested against review requests

    • Migrated when before being edited by an admin

  • Created a test repository with a test struture to try various
    conditions including string matching and files diffed.
  • Created commit to trigger migrations and be applied to review
  • Test commit as review request to verify expected behavior
    before applying evolution
  • Applied evolution
  • Posted review request to verify same behavior was exhibited
  • Test other string operations
    • ends with
    • starts with
    • contains