Convert the "All Status Reports" view to React.

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This is the first view being converted which is truly "read-write". The
"All Status Reports" page lists all of the status report due dates for
active groups, and shows which reports have been submitted and which
haven't. It also allows editing existing due dates, creating new ones,
and deleting them.

While I was doing this, I made some improvements to the page:

  • Instead of listing out students in two separate columns (for submitted
    and not submitted), I've combined them into a single column and faded
    out the avatars of those who haven't submitted yet. This is much easier
    to read, very visually attractive, and shortens the width a lot, leaving
    a lot more room for the editors of the due date and groups columns.
  • The width of various columns and editors has been tweaked to be a lot
    more usable.
  • I've worked around a bug in bootstrap-datepicker that was preventing
    the actual contents of the datepicker from being shown.
  • Added, edited, and deleted status report due dates. Saw that things
    updated as expected and sent the correct data to the server.
  • Checked that links to existing reports worked correctly.
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