Convert the sidebar to react.

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This change converts the SidebarView to use react internally. This is
mostly a very straightforward change.

The only unusual part of this change is the shim between react-router
and Backbone.Router. For now, we're using react-router's <NavLink>
components, but intercepting click events and redirecting them back to
the old window.application.go() function. This triggers the existing
routes properly. We also have a handler for when the route changes in
Backbone to mirror that back into react-router's history object. Once
the other views have been converted (or at least wrapped), the
<Router> component can be moved into the application view, and we can
get rid of the special route handling and just rely on react for all of

  • Verified that the sidebar items loaded correctly for a variety of
  • Checked that the correct item was highlighted based on the route.
  • Checked that item highlighting updated correctly even when routes were
    triggered from elsewhere in the UI (such as the "All Users" list).
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Since we're on React 16.2, you can use a fragment: {loggedin && ( <> <SidebarItem to="/calendar" label="Calendar" /> <SidebarItem to="/status" ...


Here, too.

  1. Tiny suggestions, but lgtm.

  2. lib/frontend/sidebar-view.js (Diff revision 1)

    Since we're on React 16.2, you can use a fragment:

    {loggedin && (
        <SidebarItem to="/calendar" label="Calendar" />
        <SidebarItem to="/status" label="My Status Reports" />

    The fragment will render just the contents without any wrapping element.

    1. This is more or less how the original underscore template did it, but I decided that I actually preferred guarding each item individually. I feel like it makes it easier to read, compared to conditionals that might be grouped just depending on what order the items happen to be in.

  3. lib/frontend/sidebar-view.js (Diff revision 1)

    Here, too.

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