Move "automatically generated" notice to the bottom of emails (Issue 131)

Review Request #95 — Created June 22, 2007 and submitted


Review Board SVN (deprecated)


In response to the "Too much cruft at the top of generated email" bug, this patch moves the block that explains the email is automatically generated to the bottom.

If this causes a usability concern, perhaps we can remove the "-----" dividers and leave it at the top.

  1. Looks good - committed to SVN.  Thanks!
    1. Ack!  I discarded this because I accidentally moved it /below/ the blockquoted sections.  I believe it should go between the new text (the person's review) and the quoted context of the conversation.  I will re-upload the diff.
    2. I just committed a change to move it above the quoted review
      request.  We don't want it above the quoted comments, since
      new comments are listed inline.
    3. Wish I had time to see this before it went in.
      I don't know that I agree with it. I'd need some convincing. I've already seen a couple of people reply to these e-mails because they didn't bother to read the notice at the top, but most people *have* seen it. If we move it, I think even fewer people will see the notice and reply. We don't want this, and so we should be clear at the top that this is an automated e-mail, should we not?