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Christian Hammond

Djblets 1.0 introduced SVG icons, which was used for higher DPIs. This
never made it into the resulting package, though, since these files were
left out of the manifest. While working to fix this, I noticed several
other files that were missing, such as *.map files and the
*-requirements.txt files.

This change carefully reworks our to better control what
files are included in the package. We now start by including the
entirety of the contrib, djblets, and docs directories, along with
some other specific files, and then selectively remove content from the
package. This gives us the various files like *.map and *.svg, while
keeping out files like *.py and vim swap files.

Some other files, like INSTALL and README, are now specifically
included. These were included before by default by setuptools, but
they've been added so that we can be more explicit about our coverage.

Files needed for building docs are also now present, allowing us to
build docs without needing a Git source tree.

Built packages before and after this change. Verified that the SVGs,
Map files, and requirements.txt files were included, and nothing was

Carefully inspected the file listings between what we've previously
shipped and now, and against the source tree.

Built all the docs from a source tree.

David Trowbridge
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Christian Hammond
David Trowbridge
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Christian Hammond
David Trowbridge
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Christian Hammond
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