Add capability flags for Git symlinks and JSON patching to the API.

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Git symlinks and JSON patching are two new features that clients of the
API should be able to check for prior to use. Review Board 3.0 didn't
ship with any capabilities for this, which is something worth fixing for
3.0.1. This change adds those capabilities.

It also enhances the tests around this. Our previous capabilities tests
weren't very complete, and the rest of the server information was not
checked. The unit tests now check that the returned results from the API
exactly match what we expect, based on the server's settings and the
capabilities dictionary.

Saw the capabilities in the API payload.

Unit tests pass.

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  2. reviewboard/webapi/tests/ (Diff revision 1)

    Do we want to expand this to cover all of the capabilities (including the new ones you added)? It seems like we should either do all of them or none of them instead of a patchwork.

    1. Yeah, I wasn't honestly sure what to do here. We're basically testing hard-coded keys in a data structure. I figured i'd just add a few things and punt a decision on the rest until later :P

    2. An option is just to compare the data structure directly, to make sure it's been serialized by the API.

    3. That's what I was about to suggest.

  1. Ship It!
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