Mobile Diff Viewer (Diff File Fragments)

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Mobile diff viewer, allows for a top-down rendering of diff fragments which is
friendlier for mobile devices. Contains a bunch of CSS stylings only to be
applied when screensize <= 720px, most of which aim to eliminate wasted space.

Top-down view is achieved by allowing client to request an alternate rendering
of the diff view using query parameter ?view=top-down, which then sets the
context variable is_mobile to true in the diffviwer/diff_file_fragment.html
template, which applies/shows mobile styles/elements.

Beautifulsoup was included as a dev-requirement for adding some CSS-selector-
like functionality within Python tests, so that specific elements of the
templates returned by Django could be tested while still having the tests
purpose be explicit and comprehensible.

Includes javascript test to assert correct AJAX request is made for top-down
diff view on when screenwidth <= 720px.
Also has some Python tests asserting correct view is returned for diff fragments
with view=top-down query, as well as correct classes and stylings are applied.