[WIP] Add Mattermost chat integration.

Review Request #9361 - Created Nov. 10, 2017 and updated

Giulia Mattia
rbintegrations, students

This change integrates Mattermost with Review Board, so that when there
is activity on review requests, a message will be sent to the configured
Mattermost channel with the details, just like Slack.

All existing rbintegrations unit tests pass for Slack pass.

Manually tested navigating to the Integrations page on the UI. The new
form for Mattermost is displayed. Still need to add the Mattermost logo.

Still need to add unit tests to for the newly added
MattermostIntegration component, as well as for BaseChatIntegration.

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All the files inside .idea shouldn't be part of your commit. David Trowbridge David Trowbridge
Mike Conley
  2. I think you may have missed adding some files - I don't see the MattermostIntegration code in here, for example. Are you sure you used git add before committing?

    1. I did, sorry! I'll add them.

Giulia Mattia
Review request changed

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flake8 passed.
JSHint passed.
David Trowbridge
  1. Most of the stuff in your new "basechat" implementation is pretty Slack specific. This works because Mattermost tries to duplicate Slack's formatting very carefully, but that won't generalize to more services. I suspect what we want is to have the basechat integration set up all the handlers and create some kind of intermediate data structures, which the individual subclasses can then format into whatever is necessary. Because Mattermost borrows a lot from Slack, we could have utility code for that in the slack/ module that Mattermost imports.

  2. .idea/misc.xml (Diff revision 2)

    All the files inside .idea shouldn't be part of your commit.