Fix regressions with field styles when wrapping content.

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Last year for 3.0, a change went in that cleaned up the styling
throughout the review request box, bringing better consistency to the
page. It did have a couple regressions when contents of the fields in
the right-hand pane wrapped. Content was no longer set to break at the
word level, the initial display type was wrong, and labels were no
longer properly aligned to the top of the text.

This fixes those regressions, ensuring that content always appears
correct whether or not there's wrapped content. The vertical alignment
now uses text-top, instead of top (which the old pre-cleanup code
used), ensuring proper alignment like with baseline but keeping the
text at the top of the field.

Tested with various fields containing wrapped and non-wrapped content.
No longer saw the wrapping breakages that occurred.

Checked for pixel alignment between labels and text content.

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Pushed to release-3.0.x (276b5f9)