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This update fixes our docs to reflect the new layout of the pages, and
includes new sections about avatars, OAuth tokens, and OAuth

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Christian Hammond
  2. docs/manual/users/settings.rst (Diff revision 1)

    Something I've been doing in some new docs is to separate out into a new paragraph where extensions may come in to play. Just have a new blurb saying "Extensions may add additional avatar options. See <reference to appropriate docs> on writing avatar backends."

    1. What if there are no appropriate docs?

    2. Just kidding I'll write some.

  3. docs/manual/users/settings.rst (Diff revision 1)


  4. docs/manual/users/settings.rst (Diff revision 1)

    We haven't used checkboxes in a looong time. This should be rewritten to discuss the modern UI.

  5. docs/manual/users/settings.rst (Diff revision 1)

    This would be a good place for a :term:.

  6. docs/manual/users/settings.rst (Diff revision 1)

    Not needed for this change, but this should be expanded later to go into specifics on how this is configured and the requirements for doing so. Mind adding a .. todo:: here?

David Trowbridge
Christian Hammond
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David Trowbridge
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