Make some updates to search indexing documentation.

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This change updates our docs for search indexing to talk about
Elasticsearch and on-the-fly indexing.

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Christian Hammond
  2. docs/manual/admin/sites/search-indexing.rst (Diff revision 1)

    This should mention that the directory and file must be writable by the web server.

    Worth also recommending putting this under the data/ directory, which satisfies those requirements.

  3. docs/manual/admin/sites/search-indexing.rst (Diff revision 1)

    We have a hard requirement on Elasticsearch < 5.0. This is a limitation in Django-Haystack due to some non-trivial breakages in Elasticsearch 5. I'm on a thread for this, and no sufficient progress has been made yet, unfortunately...

    Anyway, this will be crucial to spell out in the docs, or it'll bite people.

  4. docs/manual/admin/sites/search-indexing.rst (Diff revision 1)

    This will most likely need to be done as the web server user, specifically, in order to avoid permission issues.

David Trowbridge
Christian Hammond
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David Trowbridge
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