Detect and display moved parts in a file.

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This diff builds up on my previous whitespace diff, so it also contains those changes, as mercurial could not keep them apart.

Further improving the diff viewer is the detection of whole blocks move inside a file. A move is characterized by a delete in one place and the insert of the same text on another location. The main problem for this effect is the complexity of the analysis required for this detection. So for now, I opted to do whole blocks only, but the interface and internal representation supports an arbitrary technique, so it is possible to build upon them.

Once a move is detected it is shown according to the screenshots below. Each moved line gets a handle containing information as from where that line came from, or were it went. When the handle is clicked the page jumps to the surrounding chunk, that is highlighted, and the corresponding line is highlighted for 2 seconds, with a bright yellow.
Tested all sorts of moves. File with only moves, mixed moves and edit and files where there is several instances of the destination (i.e. when the user cuts a chunk and pastes several times). In the case of multiple destinations, the last one found is the one considered target, while the others are ignored.

The effects it self were tested on Safari 4.0, Chrome 3.0 preview, Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 3.0