Add release notes for Review Board 3.0 beta 2.

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Christian Hammond
Review Board

3.0 Beta 2 is a large release bringing new update/discussion
highlighting for review requests and reviews, the ability to revoke
Ship-Its, issue verification, Emoji, OAuth2 provider support, on-the-fly
search indexing, new icons, rate limiting, new extension and API
abilities, performance improvements, and a lot of bug fixes.

This change adds release notes for this release, complete with
screenshots for some of the key features.

Checked for spelling errors.

Built the docs and verified there were no build errors and that all links
and references worked.

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David Trowbridge
  2. docs/releasenotes/3.0-beta-2.rst (Diff revision 1)

    Should this be an empty list?

    1. Doh, meant to fill this in after.

  3. docs/releasenotes/3.0-beta-2.rst (Diff revision 1)

    I'm in so much suspense.

    1. It's the trailing space that really makes you wonder, what happened? Did the author suddenly die from a stroke? Did he forget his oven was on? Was he eating a hot dog and got it everywhere? Nobody really knows.

  4. docs/releasenotes/3.0-beta-2.rst (Diff revision 1)

    This should specify that it's only the button in the draft banner (the review dialog one did the right thing).

Mike Conley
  2. docs/releasenotes/3.0-beta-2.rst (Diff revision 1)

    We should probably credit Sharleen Fisher for some of this, no?

    1. Beginnings of it, yeah. It was basically all rewritten.

Christian Hammond
David Trowbridge
  1. Ship It!
Christian Hammond
Christian Hammond
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