[WIP] Making it easy to write pre/post-commit hooks

Review Request #9236 - Created Sept. 29, 2017 and updated

Graham Sea
rbtools, students

Applies the 0001-WIP-Repository-hooks-support.patch that Christian Hammond gave
me as a skeleton to start with. No other changes have been made yet, as I'm
still going through the code.

Oct 1 - 8
Fixed common.py to make the old hook method work so I could test it and learn
how it works. Found the common.py fix in https://reviews.reviewboard.org/r/9198/
Started working through repo_hook.py and learned that the code Christian Hammond
gave me comes with working git functionality.

Ran nosetests -v; all tests pass with patch applied.

Oct 1 - 8
Manually tested the repo-hook command by making hooks for pre-receive and
post-receive in a local remote repository. I made changes and pushed the changes
to test the pre-receive hook, it denied the push as expected because the review
request was not marked "Ship It". Allowing the push to succeed caused the
post-receive code close the review-request.

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Graham Sea
Graham Sea
Graham Sea
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SVN repo basic functionalty added. Messy but working, need to change to be consistent with Git.




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