Rework review request fields.

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David Trowbridge
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This change does a fairly large cleanup to the JavaScript side of the review
request fields. The old way was pretty hard-coded into the
ReviewRequestEditorView: each of the builtin fields had an entry which defined
some metadata about it, and the editor would scan through those, and then scan
through any remaining fields and pull (more limited) metadata out of the

With the new model introduced in this change, each (editable) field has a
javascript view of its own which handles its interaction. There are base
classes for the existing types of fields, including plain text fields,
comma-separated multivalue fields, and multiline text fields. By default, each
of the field types defined in maps to one of these base classes,
which will fall back on the old behavior in order to maintain compatibility
with existing extensions that use them. If those field view types are
subclasses, they can add additional features such as autocomplete or
specialized saving mechanics. There's no longer any special casing between
"built-in" and "other" fields, aside from the fact that the built-in field
views specify useExtraData: false.

While I was in here, I cleaned up several related issues:
- Both the "close description" and "change description" fields used an element
with the ID #field_changedescription.
- We no longer hard-code #field_changedescription in the CSS.
- Some documentation updates and tweaks.

There's still a lot more cleanup that can be done, moving functionality from
the ReviewRequestEditorModel and ReviewRequestEditorView into the field
classes, but this change seemed like it was big enough already.

  • Ran unit tests.
  • Ran js-tests.
  • Manually tested all fields on the review request page, including rich text
    and CSV-type fields that linkified their values in various ways.
  • Manually tested an extension that added various field types.
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