Fix diffs for ClearCaseClient under Win XP

Review Request #906 — Created June 25, 2009 and discarded


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I have changed few things to make this work under windows. I have not tested this under Linux or anything else than WinXp...
No real world testing but the diff was generated (checked with -n option)
  1. The split_lines change is definitely needed, and we've verified this works locally.
  2. /trunk/rbtools/scripts/post-review (Diff revision 1)
    I'm not sure why you need this. Are you running under Vista or Windows 7, by any chance? 
    1. I probably should have read the title of your review before asking this question :)
    2. I've got a problem with removing temporary files. I am not sure why they were created read-only. It shouldn't make a difference in case they are rw, I guess.
  2. /trunk/rbtools/scripts/post-review (Diff revision 1)
    Should be alphabetical.
  3. /trunk/rbtools/scripts/post-review (Diff revision 1)
    Can you add a comment explaining what this does?
    1. I will add a comment. The explanation as in comment from Dan.
  4. /trunk/rbtools/scripts/post-review (Diff revision 1)
    And this.