Make review request page entries pluggable and page data more dynamic.

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Christian Hammond
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The separation of the calculation of the review request page data from
the view provided an opportunity for making more of the page dynamic,
allowing additional content to appear on the review request page. This
change realizes that by introducing a registry that provides the entries
for a page, and making the page data calculation more dynamic based on
the needs of the entry.

ReviewRequestPageEntryRegistry tracks all the entries on the page
(the review request, initial status updates, reviews, and change
descriptions). Extensions could add additional entry types to the
registry, allowing them to show up on the page.

BaseReviewRequestPageEntry subclasse must now specify a unique
entry_type_id, and can specify their data requirements (things like
reviews, file attachments, drafts, and more), along with specifying
whether they should appear before the reviews section ("initial"
entries) or within the main reviews section (the default). These classes
are also now responsible for generating the instances of the entries,
based on page data (including data they compute while building the

The requirements specified by the entries are used when computing the
data in ReviewRequestPageData. Only the data needed by the entries in
use will be computed. Callers can also specify the specific entry types
they care about when constructing ReviewRequestPageData, which will
help when dynamically reloading parts of the review request page in a
future change.

Unit tests have been added to sanity-check the new entry support and the
dynamic state for the page.

Tested several of the review requests I had here, making sure that the
states and ordering all seemed correct. We'll need more real-world
testing, just to be sure.

Unit tests pass.

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