Fully represent review request entry data using new models.

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Christian Hammond
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This change introduces a handful of new JavaScript models for
representing data going into the review request entry boxes (change
descriptions, initial status updates, and reviews). These store the
ReviewRequestEditor used, data on review(s) (for the review box and
status updates), and data on the diff comments (used to load diff

The templates for these entries no longer need to call JavaScript
methods, beyond adding the boxes and models. The data is all
self-contained. This will later allow for more easily reloading data for
entries without reloading the entire page.

The new models live in a js/reviewRequestPage/ directory. We'll be able
to move other models/views specific to the review request page here
later on, helping keep things organized.

Unit tests passed.

Tested loading diff comments for reviews (in all boxes) and replying to

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Pushed to release-3.0.x (c2dcb30)